Marketing Hotsheet: Over 600 Marketing Case Studies!

From 2004 to 2008, a 100 issues of Marketing Hotsheet were published. Each issue had 6 awesome marketing case studies. Each issue showed you how 6 other businesses from various industries promoted themselves. You can slightly tweak and steal their ideas and grow your business too!

The first 3 issues of Marketing Hotsheet are free:

The remaining issues cost $3 per issue.

You can buy them 1 volume (25 issues) at a time. Or you can buy all 100 Hotsheets together at a discounted price.

Marketing Hotsheet Vol 1: Issues #1 to #25
Price: $66
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Marketing Hotsheet Vol 2: Issues #26 to #50
Price: $75
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Marketing Hotsheet Vol 3: Issues #61 to #75
Price: $75
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Marketing Hotsheet Vol 4: Issues #76 to #100
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All 100 issues of Marketing Hotsheet
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Ankesh Kothari

Here Is What Others Have To Say About Marketing Hotsheet

"5 Star thumbs up"

"Marketing Hotsheet is a wonderful paid marketing newsletter. It gets my 5 Star thumbs up."

- David Frey
Marketing Best Practices

"The Ideas are Applicable Anywhere"

"Ankesh provides short, memorable case studies about a marketing problem, a method that was used to address it, and the results.

The ideas are applicable anywhere. For example, we have adapted his examples about a chocolate manufacturer, a water seller, and an ice cream shop to our internet consulting business."

- Eric Graudins
Internet consultant and hosting provider

"This is one resource I never want to be without"

"Some people run well. Some people draw well. Ankesh Kothari is a master story-teller. In my business, I always need real life examples to explain marketing concepts and analogies better. And I always turn to Ankesh as a resource. It's amazing to have not one but four or five real life stories for every occasion. This is one resource I never want to be without."

- Sean D'Souza
Psychological Marketer

"Great idea stimulators"

"I absolutely love your marketing hotsheets.  I look forward to them every month and have sent several friends over to subscribe with you.  These success stories are great idea stimulators."

- Brian Keith Voiles
Copywriting Master

"Gives me marketing ideas I never would have thought on my own"

"The Marketing Hotsheet gives me marketing ideas I never would have thought on my own. I have successfully used ideas revealed in the Marketing Hotsheet from some other markets in my own market and made good profit."

- Mike Hayden
CEO - Senior management services

"I actually jump up to read when it arrives"

"Marketing Hotsheet is probably the only email I actually jump up to read when it arrives. No kidding, I've actually printed out every single one I've received and kept it in my archives. With so much information available, I only keep the absolute best in my archives and Marketing Hotsheet qualifies. This one is a rare gem. It may in fact be the only one I make a point of reading from beginning to end."

Mark Joyner
Best-Selling Author of "Mind Control Marketing

"Each case study shows one specific trait which has worked for someone else"

"Marketing Hotsheet has a variety of stories. I like the fact that they come from a lot of different sources. The stories in Marketing Hotsheet are good because each story shows one specific trait which has worked for someone else. It's not simply history, each one explains a technique which can be applied. The stories I've read have all been good stuff. I would definitely recommend Marketing Hotsheet to others."

- Steve Jackson
Editor - Conversion Chronicles

"Proven Ideas on a Silver Platter"

"Just one good idea can make you rich! For me, I'm always looking everywhere for good ideas - that's why I love getting proven ideas handing to me on a silver platter each month with the Marketing Hotsheet"

-Yanik Silver
Internet entrepreneur

"You Just Can't Afford to be Without This One"

"The Marketing Stories in Marketing Hotsheet are like that first cup of coffee in the morning - they jolt you from your slumber and make you sit up and pay attention. These case studies are about real live people who have done extra-ordinary things by just looking at the world in a fresh way.

Ankesh Kothari then takes this one step farther and shows you how you can apply this to your current situation. Marketing Hotsheet has given me a totally new perspective on my business venture, and have set the creative juices flowing.

There are tons of newsletters to choose from out there, but if you want to have your mind constantly stimulated with new usable ideas, you just can't afford to be without this one. Ankesh Kothari always leaves you wanting more... "

- Rod Newbound
Dream Home Building advisor

"Pound-for-pound Marketing Hotsheet is the best investment I make every year"

"Ankesh Kothari's Marketing Hotsheet is proof positive that in marketing -- "clever" triumphs over "hard work" every time. In a way, it drives me nuts: I read between 12-and-15 marketing books each year, and I still can't figure out where his wild ideas come from! But the simple fact is, Ankesh's insanely clever marketing tactics help my own marketing cut through the clutter way better than most of the crap I read in books and in the sales and marketing trade press.

And here's the kicker: They cost less money to implement, too. Pound for pound, Ankesh Kothari's Marketing Hotsheet is the best investment of time and money I make every year. If the competition in your marketplace is driving you crazy, you'd be a fool not to subscribe."

- Harry Joiner
Marketing Headhunter



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